Wu, Jennifer D. "Work Requirements and Perceptions of Medicaid Deservingness." (Forthcoming in American Politics Research)

Working Papers

Wu, Jennifer D. "Understanding Pan-Asian Identity: How and When Threat Affects Asian and National Origin Identity Attachment" (Under Review)

Wu, Jennifer D. and Gregory A. Huber "Partisanship Differences in Social Distancing May Originate in Norms and Beliefs: Results from Novel Data" (Under Review)

Wu, Jennifer D. and Gregory A. Huber "How Does Job Loss Affect Voting? Understanding Economic Voting Using Novel Data on COVID-19 Induced Individual-level Unemployment Shocks" (Under Review)

Prowse, Gwen and Jennifer D. Wu "The Effect of Context on Priming Race in Audit Experiments"

Cooper, Zack, Amanda Kowalski, Eleanor N. Powell, and Jennifer D. Wu. "Politics, Hospital Behavior, and Health Care Spending." (NBER Working Paper w23748).

Press Coverage: The Economist , Politico , The New York Times

Works in Progress

Understanding Perceptions of Residential Segregation

Candidate Valence and Social Proximity